Thursday, March 29, 2007

R2 - Reflective Discussion

In this discussion, I'm assuming the role of a distance educator. Upon review of my classmates discussion on problems and concerns faced by offering courses in DE, I am faced with the question of, "is it all worth it?" As an elementary school teacher, 3rd grade, I don't see that I will be offering such courses to my students. However, I believe that I am going to do quite a bit more research on project based learning and portfolios as a future method. I am so intrigued by this methodology and excited to spend some of my summer researching and educating myself so that I can better serve my students. That leads to the DE part. I am thinking students could enter portfolio or research project online and create projects for others to see via the web. It is all in infant stages at this point and something so new to me that I haven't begun to even process it all. One of my first steps is to discuss it with my administrator. To see if she knows about PBL and may be able to add insight. From what I read, PBL is providing rigorous lessons but having students responsible for their own learning and accountable for it as well.

Barriers are my own shortcomings. First I must gain the knowledge necessary to act on what I want to do. Then, obtain buy in from my administrator (support). Finally, my biggest obstacle in teaching, in general, TIME! I need my days doubled. I never knew how valuable time was until I entered the teaching profession. My job is never ending. There is never a sense of completion.

In conclusion, I am going to work on ways to incorporate PBL and portfolios into my teaching. It isn' directly DE, however, I relate best to what I can apply in my future.