Monday, July 09, 2007

Teaching and Learning Institute/Gainesville

I've just completed my first day of training at the Teaching and Learning Institute. I was granted permission to go into the "advanced" group which was great. I am working with 3 other people and will be completing a project. We all agreed that we feel many teachers are reluctant to embrace technology as we have. Of course, we are an overzelous group and have probably done more than just embrace it. I know for me, it is a way of life...a way of teaching...a way to connect. Our project will be based on teaching and how things were, are and how we envision they should be. We used Inspriration software to gather ideas and are still deciding on how to proceed. As a whole, many of the participants want to do something with podcasts that include that's are adventures for tomorrow. I'm excited because this will be new territory. I'm all about sharing knowledge and can't wait to return to school to share. My main concern, however is time. There just never seems to be enough! Technology is such a great tool, I just need to know how to implement it...regularly :o)